Ever wondered how it would feel to see your name or your company’s name passing the winning post? To feel the buzz of a race day and share in the excitement of racing? At present we have a rare sponsorship opportunity available to interested parties.

Sponsoring a racehorse can be an excellent way for a company to advertise. Not only does it give you an edge over your competitors but it can also provide you with a new platform to present yourself. Because our horses regularly travel round the British Isles to various race meetings (and since all race meetings are filmed), you’d be sure of gaining excellent exposure for your company!

Sponsorship is not only beneficial for those sponsoring but it is also highly important to those involved in the racing industry. For our owners in the yard, it allows them to reclaim the VAT that is charged to them; not only in training fees, but entries, jockeys fees etc. For us as trainers, it also means that we can remain more sustainaSponsorble in our operations and set up ties with other companies/ individuals.

Included in our Sponsorship Packages
The chance to have your logo/ sponsorship name embossed on:
– paddock sheets 
– sweat rugs
– leading up jackets
– jockeys colours
– riding out jackets (our team wear while training) 

You will also receive:
– free advertising and web links to your company
– regular updates on your horse(s)
– complimentary tickets to a select number of race days
– the chance to see your horse(s) in training

Entering the world of sports advertising can be a very costly option, but here at Normile we like to help our owners by ensuring we find sponsors. As we don’t intend to make anything through sponsorship, we are able to keep the costs of sponsoring down. And with prices starting from as little as £100 per horse, it is a truly cost effective way to sell your company to the world.

Our horse box and car are also available for sponsor.

Further Details
For further details on our sponsorship packages, please contact Lucy on 01577 830330.