Ownership Opportunities

Being a racehorse owner can be a highly thrilling experience and here at Duncrievie we like to help people pursue their dreams and realise their desires. Whatever your level of interest in racehorses, Lucy can assist, in tailoring the right type of ownership package for you.

The ownership options we currently have available vary quite markedly, depending on your level of commitment and the amount of involvement you wish to take. Whether you want a whole horse or only a very minor share, we will do our best to fulfil your aspirations.

Benefits of Owning a Racehorse


  • Prize money
  • Raceday privileges: Experiencing the thrill of ownership including entry badges, exclusive owners facilities, special viewing areas etc.
  • The thrill of being a racehorse owner and socialising with other people in the racing industry including members of the racehorse owners association.
  • Visiting and watching your horse in training.
  • Various owners open days throughout the year. Allowing you to meet the yards other owners.
  • Appearance money
  • Corporate entertaining
  • The VAT scheme; owning a racehorse is VAT and TAX deducible for individual owners and syndicates.

Ownership Options
The various types of ownership options we currently have available are listed below:

Sole Ownership
For those with a major interest in horse racing. Having sole ownership means that you can (if you wish) take an active part in all aspects of your horses training- working alongside our trainers to decide what races your horse is entered in and discussing your horses’ training regime. You can also choose your horses name (if unnamed) and select your horses racing colours.

Company Ownership
A unique and excellent way of advertising your company to the world. It is also a great way to bring your company members/employees together to team build. Through using your company to own a horse you can also take advantage of the VAT scheme; owning a racehorse is VAT and TAX deducible for individual owners and syndicates. Provided you buy an un-named horse then you can name the horse after your company. You can also run a horse that is already named but owned by your company. For example, you can call a horse Normile Family, or, for example, a horse could be owned by Normile Racing.

Co Ownership
Co-ownership of a racehorse involves more than one person. Co-ownerships are an excellent way for those wishing to become fully involved in owning a racehorse but are not quite prepared to take on the full responsibility of sole ownership. The various types of co-ownership are listed below:

1. Joint Ownership
This type of ownership consists of 2 to 12 people. The group of owners can be a collaboration of friends/ acquaintances or can be formed via another party. The horse or horses can run in either a single or joint ownership name e.g. L.B Normile or L.B Normile and A. N. Other
2. Racing Partnership
This form of ownership can consist of between 2 to 20 people. 2 of the owners must become (or perhaps already are) registered owners. Having a racing partnership can be an excellent way to share the responsibilities of owning a racehorse and it is a good way to meet other people who share the same interest.

3. Leasing
Leasing a racehorse from another party is a good way to avoid the initial capital outlay for a racehorse. Usually they are set up for a certain period of time, for example a season, during that time all you take care of is the upkeep costs. A lease is often setup for a stud that wishes to see one of their off spring run while not having the burden or cost of training fees. This means that once the horse has retired from racing they can breed from her and she’ll hopefully have grown in value from her racing days. Usually leases are set up so that you benefit from most of the prize money.
At present we have a number of horses in our yard available for leasing.

Racing Clubs
Racing Clubs are a very popular way to have a ‘taster’ of racehorse ownership and are perfect for those wishing to become involved in the thrill of ‘having a racehorse’ but without the responsibilities associated with ownership. There are several different Clubs around the country, all with varying entrance prices. They are not an independent form of co ownership but by joining or becoming a member of a racing club you receive all the benefits of a club but are not entering into racehorse ownership yourself.
At present we have a couple of racing clubs involved with us:

LBN Racing Club
This racing club has over 15 members and currently has Cadore,and Lords Redsgirth in training ( both winners). There is plenty of fun to be had with various parties, newsletters and stable visits. Please visit the LBN Racing Club page on the website for more details.

Perhaps you and a few friends would like to set up your own syndicate? This is a great, inexpensive way to enjoy being an owner. It gives you the opportunity to choose names and colours, which is all part of the fun. We can assist in setting up and running your syndicate. At present there is a new syndicate leasing Primrose Time. The syndicate is limited to twelve people.

Thinking About Buying?
As well as the various horses in the yard that are for sale, we can also offer you help and advice on purchasing a racehorse. We can also help accompany you to horse sales to purchase your own horse, and we have good connections in Ireland!

Still Unsure About Taking the Big Leap in to Racehorse Ownership?
Then why not contact us for more information.

Or better still, why not come and visit us at our base in Glenfarg. The kettle is always boiling and you’d be sure of a warm welcome. If you would like to visit us to see our facilities, then please give us a ring on 01577 830330 to arrange a suitable time.

The BHB website has also produced a very helpful online ownership brochure which has loads of informative and helpful information for new owners.