Our Facilities

The Horsebox

Our new lorry was purchased in 2013 from Terry Kinnear in Saline. It transports up to 4 horses and they all have a lot more room.  This is a real luxury to drive and makes the long journeys comfortable for horses and humans.

The lorry is sponsored by Exel Wines. This represents a good opportunity to advertise our web site. Hopefully, many people will notice us on the road.

The Horsewalker

This now has a roof on it. Given our climate this means that the horses can now go on without getting wet.

Previously, the horses would need a New Zealand rug to keep them dry.

We also had problems in winter: when it rained, the area turned into a large puddle which then froze over. This could remain solid for about 6 weeks!



The Gallop

This has been our biggest investment, but already it seems to have made life easier and I hope gets the horses fitter. It took a while to get finished, as the men installing it must have had some of the worst Scottish weather possible.

It is now nicely established and has a great surface to ride on, which the horses seem to enjoy. It now means that we have a constant and reliable surface on which to work the horses. As you can see, on a nice sunny day there is a great view from the top of the gallop. However, it’s not the same when it’s

new barn (1)

The New Barn

Our second barn, was erected like all our stables by Saltire Stables from Cupar. It stables ten horses and they all have a great view from individual windows and there is a very good flow of air throughout. The barns are great when it is cold and wet as they give a good working area, this one also has a hot water wash down space and a woodchip pen at the far end.

The Schooling Field

Here are our schooling fences and hurdles.

There are three fences in a row and there are three flights of hurdles. I managed to persuade the ground staff at the racecourse two winters ago to build the fences for me. I know that they are well built and will last a long time. All the horses jump them well.

There are three hurdles all of which are made from rubber and as a result it reduces the chance of injury.

There is also a line of five tyres, five baby hurdles and five logs, which are used to start off the young horses.


The School

Or the tennis court as it was once, when we were all younger and fitter! This still has the tennis court surface under the sand and rubber so it could be reverted back if necessary.

This is ideal for sitting on the young horses and loose schooling as it has a nice high fence, but they can see through it to friends. The sand and rubber make a nice comfortable landing when falling off for youngsters, and we do a lot of gymnastic jumping both loose and ridden, which helps horses to think for themselves.